President requests $276 million for pipeline safety

The FY 2013 President’s Budget requests $276 million for FY 2013, an increase of nearly $75 million above FY 2012 Enacted levels.

Pipeline Safety: The FY 2013 President’s Budget requests $177 million for Pipeline Safety, an increase of $67 million above FY 2012 enacted levels, to support its Pipeline Safety Reform (PSR) initiative. The PSR expands the number of inspectors available to provide oversight to the system of pipelines and restructures the partnership between the Federal and State entities responsible for enforcement and compliance in managing pipelines.

  • The request includes an additional 150 positions—120 new inspectors and 30 program personnel.
  •  An additional $20.8 million is requested for State pipeline safety grant programs to restructure the program to ensure standardization among all State pipeline safety programs. The PSR will ensure the highest safety standards for the oversight of interstate and intrastate pipeline facilities.
  • $2 million is requested to create a formal Accident Investigation Team that will review significant accidents not reviewed by the NTSB.
  • A total of $13 million is requested for pipeline safety Research and Development. PHMSA intends to amend its project evaluation and decision process so there is no industry participation to ensure greater separation between the regulator and the regulated industry.
  • $8 million is requested for a National Pipeline Information Exchange to enable PHMSA to develop a comprehensive database of pipeline safety information that integrates information from PHMSA, States, industry, and other Federal sources.
  • $2 million is requested for public outreach to establish a national awareness campaign to educate the public about pipelines when starting excavation projects. Thirty-seven percent of all pipeline incidents are caused by excavation.
  • Within these amounts, $4 million is estimated for a new Pipeline Safety Design Review user fee that will allow PHMSA to recover the costs associated with conducting pipeline facility design safety reviews.

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