Hazardous Liquid Integrity Verification Process

PHMSA has opened a docket proposing a Hazardous Liquid Integrity Verification Process. This process will verify a hazardous liquids pipeline’s Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) and material records, pressure testing of pipelines, and determining reassessment intervals for cracking issues.

Not all pipelines would be subject to this process, but it would be applicable to various pipelines in HCA’s, rural gathering, HVL pipelines and other pipelines with an MOP greater than 20% SMYS.

This proceeds from mandates in the Pipeline Safety Act and recommendations from the NTSB.

Documents in the docket include:

  • A PHMSA Draft Hazardous Liquid Integrity Verification Chart has been developed to assist in following the process and identifying which pipelines would be affected.
  • An overview presentation from a briefing to API-AOL last year.
  • Several operator comment letters.

The complete docket can be view at:


This will be an important rulemaking to follow.  Bookmark this link for future reference.

WinDOT-on-the-Web.  When you want to know about pipeline safety.


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