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ViaData’s FREE Pipeline Safety Regulations!

Now available at http://49cfrpipeline.com/

As part of our commitment to the pipeline industry ViaData is making these available to any who may need them.  This is the full complement of the 49 CFR Pipeline regulations administered by the US DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration.

Whether you are pipeline operator that wants to make the regulations easily available to your personnel, or an individual who needs to look up a specific requirement, we invite you bookmark this page and visit as often as necessary.

49 CFR Part 190 Pipeline Safety Programs and Rulemaking Procedures
49 CFR Part 191 Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline; Annual Reports, Incident Reports, and Safety-Related Condition Reports
49 CFR Part 192 Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline: Minimum Federal Safety Standards
49 CFR Part 193 Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities: Federal Safety Standards
49 CFR Part 194 Response Plans for Onshore Oil Pipelines
49 CFR Part 195 Transportation of Hazardous Liquids By Pipeline
49 CFR Part 198 Regulations for Grants to Aid State Pipeline Safety Programs
Small Operators Guide Guidance Manual for Operators of Small Natural Gas Systems

ViaData also publishes WinDOT, The Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia on a subscription basis.  WinDOT includes the full federal pipeline safety regulations with links to interpretations, waivers, alert and advisory bulletins. historical data, and more.  All state regulations and many technical standards applicable to pipelines are also available.  Sign up today for the full package

As a bonus anyone can sign up for FREE Rapid Update Service notifications or request a free trial of WinDOT.


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