PHMSA Releases Report on August 2015 Kiantone Pipeline Spill in West Seneca, New York

PHMSA has posted the report Failure Investigation Report: Kiantone Tank Line Leak, West Seneca New York.

The executive summary states:

“On August 25, 2015, the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) received notification of a product release at the Kiantone Pipeline Tank Facility located in West Seneca, NY. The leak was identified by a Kiantone employee at approximately 10:00 during a routine patrol. The leak was located near the base of Tank 703 within a diked area. Approximately 5 gallons of heavy crude oil was released. The cause of the incident was a cracked Weldolet branch connection fitting on a 2-inch NPS pump line. A bolted repair sleeve was installed, and the line was pressurized and monitored for 24 hours before being backfilled and returned to service. There were no evacuations, injuries, deaths, or property damage associated with this incident. “

PHMSA concluded that the cause of the failure was long-term natural force damage.

This update brought to you by ViaData, publishers of WinDOT™ The Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia.


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