State Pipeline Safety Regulation Updates

Here are pipeline safety legislative updates for July 31, 2017.

South Dakota

SB 104 protects certain easement holders and rural customers from shutoffs by certain energy companies, and requires certain farm tap owners to register with the one call notification system as an operator.
[3/13/2017: Signed by the Governor; Eff. 7/1/2017]


The Arkansas Gas Pipeline Code was substantially amended and republished under docket 16-093-R to comply with state and Federal laws.
[Eff. 5/19/2017]


The state’s Pipeline Safety regulations were amended to update the versions of standards and federal rules incorporated by reference.
[Eff. 6/10/2017]


The Utility Regulation rules were amended by adding a new rule to implement a mandatory severe weather moratorium on residential service disconnection for nonpayment.
[Eff. 5/30/2017]


HB 1064 updated the underground utility damage prevention laws by removing obsolete information.
[4/17/2017: Signed by the Governor; Eff. 7/23/2017]

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