Federal Pipeline Safety Rulemaking Update – August 2017


The following pipeline safety-related rulemakings have been updated in the DOT significant rulemaking report for August. For full details, see the  WinDOT Rapid Update Service.

Final Rule Stage

Pipeline Safety: Safety of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines (OPS: Liquid Hazardous Pipelines) RIN 2137-AE66 / Docket no: PHMSA-2010-0229

Pipeline Safety: Underground Storage Facilities for Natural Gas (OPS: Underground Storage Facilities Natural Gas) RIN 2137-AF22


Pipeline Safety: Class Location Requirements (Class Location Requirements) RIN 2137-AF29

Undetermined Stage

Pipeline Safety: Gas Transmission (RRR) (OPS: Gas Transmission (RRR)) RIN 2137-AE72 / Docket no: PHMSA-2011-0023

Get all of these updates, plus advisory bulletins and notices issued by PHMSA and other agencies by signing up for the the WinDOT Rapid Update Service today! It’s a FREE service that puts all this information right at your fingertips, in your inbox, as updates occur.


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