Pipeline Safety Arena

A new link to the archive of David Bull’s column, Pipeline Safety Arena published in Pipeline and Gas Technology magazine, has been added to the menu.

David addresses pipeline safety issues and regulations each month in this pipeline focused publication.  Keep up to date on the happenings in pipeline safety by following this column and David’s post on The WinDOT Report.  Use the RSS link to subscribe.


The Daily Interpretion resumes for 2010

After a break for the holidays with some vacation with the family, The Daily Interpretation will resume.

The Daily Interpretation reviews the federal pipeline safety regulations using interpretations, waivers, advisories and other references to provide insight into the intent and compliance requirements.  All material used in understanding the regulations can be found in WinDOT, The Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia published by ViaData.

If you have questions, comments or specific issues related to pipeline safety, please let me know using the “Contact Us” link at the lower right of the menu.

Thanks for reading!

Dave Bull
ViaData LP

Welcome to The WinDOT Report

Welcome!  Here you’ll find articles, comments and information about pipeline safety activities and regulations from around the nation.  The focus will be geared to providing pipeline operators with timely information to help them design, operate and maintain their systems to protect public safety.

WinDOT users will find tips and information on how to get the most from their subscription.  If you are not a WinDOT subscriber you can learn more here.

David Bull’s monthly column “Pipeline Safety Arena” featured in Pipeline and Gas Technology Magazine will be included on this blog.  Other feature articles will also be included.